The company is located in Lanxi City, Zhejiang Province. It is a technology-based enterprise specializing in the production, sales, installation and provision of professional PE pipe application solutions and services for siphon roof rainwater drainage systems. The main products are HDPE water supply pipe and its accessories, HDPE siphon drainage pipe and its accessories on the same layer, HDPE steel wire mesh skeleton pipe and its accessories.

The scale of the company has always been a benchmark in the industry, with production land of more than 14,000 square meters and more than 100 auxiliary equipment such as injection molding machines, extruders, CNC special machines, stamping machines and robots. At present, the company is in the establishment stage of "intelligent, manufacturing and digital factory" and the cultivation stage of "National Chemical Building Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center" and "specialized, special and new small and medium-sized enterprises".

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1. Gutter; Water collecting well;
2. Mounting plate;
3. Rainwater bucket;
4. Fixed hanger square steel clamp;
5. Square steel of suspension beam;
6. Square steel clamp of sliding hanger;

7. Rainwater suspension pipe;
8. Stop collar;
9. Square steel connector;
10. Fixed support (hanger);
11. Sliding support (hanger);
12. Eccentric reducer;

13. The two ends of the threaded screw are respectively connected with the mounting plate (or steel structure) and the square steel clamp.








The siphon drainage system adopts a special anti whirlpool rainwater bucket. There are air baffles and water inlet grilles in the bucket. During rainfall, rainwater passes through the grille and enters the rainwater bucket on the side. When the roof catchment reaches a certain height, the anti whirlpool performance in the rainwater bucket will prevent the air from entering from the outside, making the rainwater flow into the drainage pipe steadily. Use the energy generated by the height difference between the roof and the ground to create a local vacuum in the pipeline, forming a suction function to quickly drain the rainwater. Based on the formation principle, the "Bernoulli" equation is adopted, through careful calculation, to effectively control and balance the flow rate and pressure of rainwater in the pipeline, and drain the accumulated water on the roof at a very fast speed.

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Drainage of roofs of large buildings such as airports, high-speed railways, gymnasiums, exhibition halls and large factories. (HDPE drainage on the same floor) It is used for toilet drainage of office buildings, high-rise residential buildings, hotels, guesthouses, etc.

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What problems should be considered in the construction of rainwater collection system

In recent years, many new words have emerged in life, such as e-commerce, intelligent robots, online shopping malls, smart phones, rainwater collection, etc. Rainwater collection is an environmental protection concept that is close to the people's livelihood, scientific, and in line with the concept of contemporary people. In short, it is to collect natural rainfall through certain equipment, facilities, and technologies, and treat it for irrigation, greening, construction, urban road water, etc, It can protect the natural ecological environment, recycle water resources, solve the problem of water shortage, reduce the pressure of flood and bring people a better and happy life. Do you know what problems must be considered in advance when building and applying the rainwater collection system?


Siphon roof rainwater drainage system

Why do you use fixed parts when using siphon drainage system? What are the functions of these fixed parts? Industry experts have proved that the use of fixed devices in siphon drainage systems is to effectively reduce noise. As we all know, the flow rate of the drainage system pipeline is very high, which is easy to generate vibration and even noise. In addition, thermal expansion and cold contraction of plastic pipes produce temperature stress, which makes the pipes more vulnerable to damage. The system firmware can not only effectively reduce the water flow after using the firmware, but also protect the pipeline from damage. It can also prevent the pipeline from being damaged and dangerous in the process of thermal expansion and cold contraction, and ensure the normal operation of the drainage system. In conclusion, by reading the above, you need to understand why you need to use firmware in siphon drainage systems. In order to effectively save construction costs, many construction teams often use less firmware to build drainage systems. In fact, this is not suitable for the normal operation of the drainage system in the future. Be careful when using the drainage system. For the firmware used in the siphon drainage system, only scientific and reasonable use of firmware can make the system operate normally and effectively extend the service life of the drainage system.


Save water, understand the rainwater collection system

Rainwater collection system refers to the whole process of rainwater collection, which can be divided into five main links. That is to say, rainwater is collected through rainwater collection pipes - waste water collection devices - rainwater filtration and disinfection of PP rainwater collection tanks - purification and reuse. The collected rainwater is used for irrigation, and the crops that supplement groundwater are landscapes, which can also be used for non household water, such as environment, greening, car washing water, road cleaning cooling water supplements, toilet cleaning, etc. It can save water resources and greatly reduce China's water shortage. According to different sources of rainwater, rainwater collection systems can be roughly divided into two categories.