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Three methods of rainwater harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is not difficult, technical requirements are not high, and economic investment is not large. The key is to change the concept and consider how to deal with rainwater at the beginning of planning.

Rainwater harvesting method 1: roof rainwater harvesting

For high-density cities, roof rainwater harvesting greatly improves the utilization of precipitation resources.

Rainwater harvesting mode 2: site rainwater harvesting

1. Water catchment of concave green space

The concave greenbelt catchment collects runoff and rainwater in the site through grass ditches and other forms. When rainwater flows through shallow ditches on the surface, pollutants are removed under the combined action of filtration, infiltration, absorption and biodegradation. Vegetation also reduces the speed of rainwater flow and makes particulate matter precipitate, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling rainwater runoff.

2. Ground infiltration catchment

The purpose of surface infiltration includes recharging rainwater into the ground, supplementing and conserving groundwater sources, improving ecological environment, alleviating surface sedimentation and reducing waterlogging.

3. Permeable Pavement Catchment

A large number of seepage materials are used in road pavement. Concrete elevator teeth are used at the junction of roadway and pavement, and concrete flat teeth are used at the junction of pavement and planting belt of road greening.

Rainwater harvesting mode 3: road rainwater harvesting

The greening on both sides of the road and rainwater collection outlets are combined to collect and reuse rainwater through greening and filtering road runoff.





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