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Advantage and maintenance of siphon rainwater bucket

Advantages of siphon rainwater bucket:

The bucket body adopts high quality 304 stainless steel, which greatly prolongs its service life.

The tailpipe diameter of rainwater bucket can be adjusted to meet different drainage requirements.

Special anti-cyclone rectifier grille is installed at the intake area to enhance the siphon effect.

Installation methods suitable for various types of roofs

Ultra-low water depth in front of the bucket ensures economical construction cost and safe use.

Maintenance of rain bucket:

Daily cleaning

The siphon rainwater bucket needs regular maintenance. The specific work is to clear the roof leaves, garbage or miscellaneous plants to avoid blocking the drainage outlet. The maintenance cycle should be based on the specific local environment (space, greening, etc.). In addition, the maintenance work should also include cleaning the drainage outlet and partition.

During maintenance, the partition is opened and the inner part of the rainwater bucket is cleaned. The owner decides the maintenance frequency according to the planned maintenance specifications.





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