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Safety operation process and precautions of PE hot melt butt welding machine

1. Purpose and Significance

Standardize the operation of PE pipe hot melt butt welding machine to ensure the quality of PE pipe hot melt welding and the safety of operation process.

2. Scope of application

This regulation is applicable to PE hot melt butt welding machine.

3. Safety operation process of welding machine

3.1 Pre-use preparation

3.1.1 Check the input voltage specifications of the welding machine, strictly prohibit access to the voltage that does not meet the requirements of the welding machine, in order to avoid affecting the normal welding machine and causing unnecessary losses.

3.1.2 According to the actual power of the equipment, the distribution power supply wiring should be selected correctly.

3.1.3 Connect the grounding wire of the welder to avoid electric shock.

3.1.4 Clean the oil circuit joints and connect correctly all parts of the welder.

3.1.5 Measure the power supply voltage, confirm that the voltage meets the requirements of welding machine.

3.1.6 Check the clean heating plate. If the coating of the heating plate is damaged, it should be replaced or repaired. Polyethylene residues on the surface of heating plate can only be removed by wood tools. Oil and grease must be treated with clean cotton cloth and alcohol.

3.2 Hot Melt Welding Operation

3.2.1 Milling the welded surface, milling enough thickness, so that the welded end surface is smooth and parallel, ensuring that the butt end clearance is less than 0.3 mm, and the offset is less than 10% of the wall thickness of the welded area. Re-milling is necessary when re-clamping.

3.2.2 Measure and record the drag pressure (P drag).

3.2.3 Place heating plate, adjust welding pressure (P1) = dragging pressure (P drag) + welding specified pressure (P2). When the height of circumferential edge protrusion at the welding points on both sides of the heating plate reaches the prescribed value, the pressure is lowered to the drag pressure (P drag) or the heat absorption timing is started under the condition of ensuring that the heating plate and the welding end are closely adhered to each other.





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