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  The company's product quality is in line with international standards, complete varieties and specifications.The main products are HDPE siphon drainage pipe, siphon rainwater bucket, 45 degree elbow, 90 degree elbow, Y-type inclined tee, fused sleeve, vertical inspection port, suspension pipe card, riser card, installation piece, square steel connector, small riding card, stop electric fusion belt, three-way downstream, spherical four-way, S-type water bend, P-type water bend, Suvito, H-pipe, expansion joint, special floor drain for the same layer.For the majority of customers to provide one-stop procurement services, supporting services, OEM processing services.

Introduction of the same floor drainage system

  The same-floor drainage, also known as "same-floor installation", refers to the drainage mode in which sewage and wastes are laid in the same floor plane so that the drainage reaches or exceeds the same or other drainage modes and smoothly enters the main drainage pipe. Once the situation that needs to be dredged and cleaned up occurs, the problem can be solved in this layer.

Advantages of the same floor drainage system

  Comparing with the traditional treatment method of partition drainage, the basic idea of the same-floor drainage scheme is to completely get rid of the bondage between adjacent floors through the rational layout of pipelines in this layer, and avoid a series of troubles and hidden dangers caused by the invasion of the lower floor space by drainage transverse pipes, including unclear property rights and noise interference. Leakage hidden dangers, space limitations, and the use of wall-mounted sanitary appliances, there is no longer any sanitary corner on the ground, cleaning becomes particularly convenient. The same layer drainage is a new technology in the toilet drainage system. The drainage pipe is laid in this layer. A common water sealing pipe fittings are used to replace many P-bends and S-bends. The overall structure is reasonable, so it is not easy to jam, and easy to clean up and dredge. Users can personalize the location of toilet sanitary ware according to their hobbies and wishes.

Its advantages are:

  1. Property rights of houses are clear: the toilet drainage pipeline system is arranged in the owner's home, and the pipeline maintenance can be carried out in this room, without interfering with the lower households.

  2. Layout of sanitary appliances is not limited, because there is no drainage pipe reserved holes for sanitary appliances on the floor, users can freely arrange the location of sanitary appliances to meet the personalized requirements of sanitary appliances. Developers can provide a diversified layout of toilets and improve the quality of houses.

  3. Wastewater drainage noise is low: drainage pipes are arranged on the floor and covered with backfill cushion, which has better sound insulation effect, thus greatly reducing drainage noise.

  4. Leakage rate is low: the floor of toilet is not crossed by sanitary appliances and pipes, which reduces the probability of leakage and may effectively prevent the spread of disease.

  5. There is no need for the old P-bend or S-bend: the P-bend or S-bend of various sanitary appliances in the traditional drainage mode is replaced by the "toilet accessor" and "multi-functional downstream three-way". Now the drawbacks of the old P-bend S-type, which can not be overcome by itself, can be completely solved by installing and draining in the same layer.

Drainage mode

  1. The same layer drainage does not need the old P-bend and S-bend to seal the water bend. The traditional way of drainage is that each sanitary appliance must be attached with a P-bend or S-bend water seal.The old P-bend and the old S-bend are the places where blockage easily occurs. This is the low disadvantage of the traditional way of drainage. The same layer drainage is treated with the customary thinking.This is where people don't understand the same layer of drainage.

  2. The same floor drainage horizontal pipe is laid in the inner layer, while the traditional lower drainage horizontal pipe including its P-bend and S-bend is laid in the lower layer through the floor, which occupies the inner space of the lower layer.

  3. Once the blockage occurs, the same layer drainage mode achieves the purpose of cleaning and dredging in this layer, while the traditional drainage mode must be cleaned and dredged in the lower layer.

  4. When users use sanitary ware upstairs in traditional drainage mode, they can hear obvious noise downstairs, while the same floor drainage mode can hardly hear.

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