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Zhejiang Aksimu Pipe co.,Ltd is located in Lanxi,  a central city in Zhejiang province.  Conveniently located nearby all major transportation points for your shipping needs,  we are just 60 kilometers from the famous China-Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesale Market and 2 hour driving from the Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport.   aqthm Pipe has over 8000 square meters manufacturingfacility with more than 20 sets of Injection molding machines,  welding machines, and digital machine tools. aqthm Pipe specializes in the design, production, and development of HDPE pipes and fittings. We also provide the application solutions and services for using HDPE pipes and fittings.  Our main products include HDPE water pipes and fittings and HDPE siphon drainage system pipes and fittings.  The HDPE siphon drainage system pipes and fittings has attracted many customers at home and abroad.  This quality product has been exported to UK,  Europe,  and other countries in Southeast Asia.  It has become a solution to the absence of high end HDPE siphon drainage system pipes and fittings in  China. aqthm Pipe’s HDPE siphon drainage system pipes and fittings are also widely used by many largebuildings in China.  Zhejiang Akesimu  Pipe Co., Ltd has set the goal to become theleader in manufacturing of HDPE siphon drainage system pipes and fittings.  By taking Quality First, Customer First, and Service First as our operation concept, we will establish a brand with best quality and continue to build n outstanding aqthm company.  

  • Productive strength

    Productive strength

    Introducing advanced design concepts and manufacturing processes at home and abroad, with more than 5000 square meters of production workshop, 65 professional production teams, 10 project technicians, and 20 sets of various production equipment and testing equipment.

  • Quality Control

    Quality Control

    Strictly implement ISO 9001 international quality management system, implement relevant quality policy and strengthen internal management. Actively train professional and technical personnel, reasonably allocate and strictly control each production process, and fully consider product design and reliability in the design stage.

  • Professional Service Management Mechanis

    Professional Service Management Mechanis

    Providing a system service mechanism integrating equipment design, production, installation and maintenance, with the most professional engineering design team, professional technical guidance for each project, strict testing of each set of equipment, so as to ensure superior equipment performance, safe and stable operation.

  • Exclusive ordering

    Exclusive ordering

    With a top professional development team, you can produce valves that are exclusive to you according to customers'requirements. As long as you tell us the design idea or provide design pictures, we can help you customize, only you can't imagine, we can't do it.

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